“Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.” – Marcel Boulestin- French Chef/Restaurateur. 

Using one’s sense of taste as well as a little imagination is what my mother repeatedly drums into my head whenever we have a mother & daughter cooking session (and it’s what l have begun telling my daughters too!) With a few fresh ingredients, my mother could create family meals that were hearty, healthy, fresh and filling.  With little money, her few simple ingredients would live another day by being transformed into mouthwatering morsels the following night.

Although l was born in Egypt; l am of Greek heritage. My family migrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1964 aboard the liner, the Patris. Many of the passengers, like my parents, were heading to Australia to escape political instability and to begin a better life.

This new and better way of life resulted in a long involvement with the fresh food industry; and where my love of fresh produce began. The following lists the fruit shops in NSW and the ACT, Australia formerly owned and operated by my family: Anchors; Belconnen fruit shop, Golden Banana; Birkenhead Point fruit shop, Sydney Fresh and Norton St Grocer.

While my family were prospering in the business world, I chose to train and work, first as a social worker and years later as a primary school teacher in Sydney, Australia.

“Serendipity can be described as a series of unexpected events that can change your life.”  — Author unknown

My unexpected events came in the form of cancer diagnoses in 2008 and again in 2015. With lots of time on my hands during my recovery in 2015, l immersed myself in a world where simmering, stewing and sautéing became my life’s new focus.

The idea of creating a food blog evolved after l had written a book for my twin daughters which recorded recipes that l had inherited from my mother. These unexpected diagnoses caused me to find my way back to what l love when l was least expecting it.

“The greatest dishes are very simple.” — Auguste Escoffier, the “Emperor of Chefs”

Through my recipes, I hope to show you what a home cook can do by keeping it simple. I shall be sharing recipes that come from my heritage as well as those from home cooks that have been generous enough to share their secrets with me. Some of my recipes will also come from my travels around the world. While my mum never referred to written instructions or used exact measurements, l have taken great care to provide you with precise measurements. You will see notes that give you additional information that can sometimes make all the difference.

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.”– Julia Child

You won’t be seeing fanciful lists of overrated ingredients, techniques or equipment. I tend to buy what’s in season (and preferably on special) and do very little with it. l prefer food that remains loyal to its roots and traditional flavours. Most do not take a long time to prepare, and others will cook slowly on their own.

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